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In my coaching you experience the sensation of contact with your vocation and recognize what that means for you. From there you can develop a concrete professional vision and I will also support you in its implementation. This often includes to activate courage, to overcome fears and to delete beliefs that are blocking you.

In contrast to analytical career counseling, the focus here is on intuition and inspiration with elements of constellation and vision work. 

My intuitive vocation coaching is implementation-oriented and structured in 3 stages:

  1. Coaching session, guiding into, discovery, exploration of the vocation "what do I actually want?" and "what do I don't want anymore?" and "What's stopping me?"

  2. After the discoveries of step 1, a vocation constellation follows
    to concrete professional alternatives 

  3. Limiting beliefs and blockages on your path can be erased in step 3, so that implementation and living the inner calling can be successful


  4. vision quest

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My executive business coaching is for entrepreneurs and executives who want to integrate a honest and authentic perspective into their life and business. I developed a program for "Authentic Leadership". 

My Executive coaching is intuitive and individually tailored and enables you to grow beyond what you think you know. I allows you to break through limiting blockages and opens up for success, new perspectives, respectful communication, authenticity and self-confidence even in critical situations and peace with yourself.


Coaching areas for executives can be:

  • Holistic life coaching and business coaching  

  • Leadership coaching and team coaching in conflict situations

  • Activating success on all levels 

  • Awareness-, mental-  and health- coaching



With business constellations for entrepreneurs and executives, issues at all corporate levels can be dealt with very quickly and effectively. In addition to organizational constellations, I work with non-violent communication (NVC) according to Rosenberg for mediation between employees in companies.

Business constellations have also been used for more than 30 years to clarify corporate management issues. For governments, public institutions, in the top management of international corporations as well as for medium-sized and small family businesses, constellation work has now become an established effective managment tool.

Business Constellations offer transparency, clarification and answers

  • in conflicts at work or for team development

  • for strategy development for products / business areas

  • for functioning solutions in search of succession or new management positions

  • in the preparation of company acquisitions / joint ventures

  • to ensure success in the company or self-employment

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