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In my holistic life coaching, I accompany people in questions about the family system, relationships & partnership, with regard to the professional situation and generally with challenges in the current phase of life. Goals are clarity, peace and relief for the client. My work is less about healing patterns and more about decouple from burdening patterns and learning how to set strong boundaries.

My job coaching is for people who want to reflect on their role in the company or team and find solutions for an authentic working. I advise on questions about the existing work environment and also for professional reorientation. You can reveal your meaning and vocation in life.

Below find an overview for my most important coaching tools:


In family constellations / in systemic constellations, subconscious dynamics and burdening entanglements become visible, solutions can appear. Such entanglements, also called family cords, arise when traumata are not dealt with and following generations get affected. Unresolved issues may show up as unexplained symptoms generations later. Anyone who is at peace with their family of origin - in contact or in distancing - may experience fulfilled relationships in the own current family / partnership and in career.

Constellation work is functioning as a group work or in a 1to1 setting. In 1to1setting I work with 
3-dimensional, high figures. Furthermore I offer online constellations via videoconference.


My family constellations in the group go beyond tradintional constellation work and include very effective "clearings" that I intuitively incorporate. These are clarifying, healing sentences and questions. They cause the participants to make new choices for themselves that can immediately and noticeably change the system. The participant then experiences how a pattern, a karmic entanglement, old contracts or other blockages leave the personal system. After the constellation, these deletion sentences are highlighted and anchored for the client once again and can be taken home as a resource. The family constellation is made very focused and powerful by a preliminary coaching session in which a family genogram is drawn up. Some patterns already become clear when the genogram is made. Other elements that can be incorporated into the group work, if necessary, are trauma release and tapping techniques. If occupations become apparent, they can be released during the constellation. After the group constellation, a recommendation for implementation in everyday life is given on the same day. In addition, I accompany all representatives during the decoupling process so that possible external energies are released. Working in a group multiplies the forces and is a particularly effective tool.


Possible issues that we can work on in a holistic coaching approach:
(a selection of examples):


  • dealing with conflicts in the family or your partnership (your own current family or family of origin)

  • find out of illnesses, addictions or burn out and fears

  • find our way through important decisions, find orientation and clarity

  • in dealing with difficult children (background and approaches), in the case of an unfulfilled desire to have children

  • find solutions in patchwork situations

  • coaching through the process of divorce or separation

  • find your true meaning, find answers "who am I?" "what do I want in life?"

  • open to success at work or in self-employment

  • solve conflicts at work or for team development

  • Finding a job for young adults or for newcomers

  • go safely through a job change or dismissal: how can it go on?

  • strengthen the ability to communicate with employees or supervisors

  • strengthen your self-esteem and develop one's own authenticity

  • find self-confidence, choose authentic living and self-empowerment

  • Nutrition constellations about utrition constellations about nutritions and supplements, addictive / stimulant substances such as alcohol or nicotine, cravings, weight gain / loss

  • Clearings for houses and pets with systemic constellation work

Family offices Düsseldorf


Strokes of fate that have not been felt and dealt with are often stored as trauma in the energy field and body of the person concerned. This can have an effect on the family system, affecting even following generations, until it is noticed at and acknowledged. Constellations show deeply suppressed feelings such as sadness, helplessness or anger associated with trauma, those often lead to problems in relationships with one another (lack of feeling, coldness, rigidity, loss of contact). In constellations there is the possibility to solve burdening entanglements.

Such strokes of fate in the history of a family can be, for example:

the unborn twin
special topic

  • War participation (e.g. as a soldier, perpetrator / victim events)

  • Escape and loss of homeland

  • Migration/ emigration and leaving the home country

  • death or loss of a loved one

  • Death of a child from miscarriage or abortion

  • abuse and assault

  • Loss of family fortune, fraud

  • Death of an (unborn) twin


The Work of Byron Katie®  is a type of questioning technique in meditation with a worksheet to help you to identify and resolve your beliefs. Namely, those thoughts that cause pain or stress. If we question these stressful thoughts, we experience peace and authenticity with ourselves and our fellow human beings.

The Work is a tool for reconditioning by using turnarounds. This practice trains us to question our thoughts and to be without fixed views and conclusions and to notice that the opposite of what we think is maybe more true.

People who have worked with The Work found:

  • Relief in depressive phases and situations that once seemed hopeless

  • Resolving aggression, fear, powerlessness, feelings of shame and guilt

  • Improved relationships with the partner, parents, children, boss or work colleagues

  • More strength and authenticity, general well-being

  • Inner alignment in life



wing wave® is a short-term coaching and works with eye movements (EMDR) and offers a very effective, simple way to permanently resolve stress. 

I have been a certified WingWave Coach since 2018 and I was an active member of the network at the Besser Siegmund Institute in Hamburg for some years.

Areas of application are:

  • belief coaching: Exposing stressful beliefs (e.g. "I can't do it") and reconditioning into a constructive, liberated perspective ("I do it easily")

  • Regulation of stress: Processing of stressful experiences/trauma in the past (including childhood experiences), releasing fear or negative feelings (e.g. anger, shame,...) and clarify the situation

  • Resource Coaching: Focusing and anchoring resources to strengthen self-esteem and self-love or to achieve goals; this is especially helpful in situations where you feel stuck. Resource work with WingWave is also supportive in dropping destructive behaviors auch as addictions.

IMG_2889 4_edited.jpg


I offer short-term training in nonviolent communication according to Marshall Rossenberg.
It is based on a 4 step approach that is easy to learn.

The NVC is more than communication, it is a value system for coworking in companies:

  • Completely reevaluate bullying situations, find solutions out of the bullying trap and find self-esteem 

  • Avoid burn out situations by consciously dealing with your own needs. 

  • Strengthen your leadership strength and authority with NVC.

  • Learn how to communicate out of appreciation with colleagues and customers.

  • Find ease and clarity in face-to-face discussions with your superiors.

  • Learn how to deal productively with criticism, accusations and evaluations. 

  • Establish a harmonious and respectful working atmosphere with the NVC and increase joy and productivity in the workplace.

In family and private relationships we empathize more quickly with the people who are close to us but on the other hand, we tend to forget our true limits. Conflicts in the family are a game of attack and defence. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) helps us break out of this destructive cycle and establish life-enhancing communication with our children, parents, and friends. 

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Legal notice: There is no guarantee for the success of a setup or coaching. A promise of healing is not given. Constellations can provide important emotional impulses. They are not a substitute for the work of doctors and alternative practitioners or psychotherapeutic advice. Diagnoses are not made.

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