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In this education for becoming a systemic coach with a focus on system constellations, you will learn the basics of family constellations, organization/team constellations as well as vocation- and symptom- constellation work. At the end of the training, you will be able to independently integrate and carry out constellations in your therapeutic work or your own coaching approach. Family constellations are learned in the context of an awakened being with multidimensional consciousness. The training is structured in 6 modules, which can also be supplemented by advanced modules.

  • family constellations

  • bodysymptom constellations

  • vocation constellations
  • business constellations

  • the work of Byron Katie©

  • NVC©


The family constellation training is initially aimed at interested people who want to use the tool of constellation work in their professional area. I address both beginners, who can also learn the basics here, and experienced practitioners, therapists, coaches or consultants, who can learn how to expand their range of services through constellation work.

At the same time, the training is for people who search for profound acceleration in their own personal transformation and awakening process. Learn how to "become your own coach". The training serves as intensive breakthrough coaching for individual growth, authenticity and self-empowerment.

In a 1to1 setting or in a very small group, it is possible to take individual levels into account in a tailor-made manner. If you are interested to join, you share a joy in honest self-exploration, spiritual insights and are open to the possibility of awakening. This forms the spiritual background of the training.


...every year some course participants repeat the annual course because of the deep personal transformation. This is reflected in more clarity, joy, fulfilling relationships and success in life.

  1. Basics of family constellations, family genogram work, learn systemic clarification of issues in an 1to1 coaching setting

  2. Family constellations present system, partnership, patchwork, children

  3. Basics of vocation constellations or business constellations

  4. Training Nonviolent Communication (NVC) according to Marshall Rosenberg,
    Introduction for mediation in couple therapy with NVC

  5. The Work of Byron Katie© - Reconditioning, Clearing out Limiting Beliefs


  6. How to start my own business ? Customer/price segmentation and homepage/branding

  7. Learn to work with the systemic board (with figures) in an 1to1 and learn to work online

  8. Exercising and deepening for advanced users (The Work, NVC, family constellations)

  9. Introduction to kinesiology in coachings, energetic cleanings

Subject to change


"This year's training was the most intensive thing I've done in my life so far. It was a year in which I got to know myself in depth. A year in which I shed all the old and heavy baggage that I carried And then I walked out of that training light, renewed AND empowered with powerful tools for the rest of my life."


  • One training module is running at a weekend 9h
    Sunday 11-16 in Dusseldorf
    Saturday 10-13 online
    plus online 1 h

    additionally 1 Sunday constellation in the small group (at least 6 in total)
    Script plus literature study 

  • Each participant receives a detailed training certificate as a systemic coach from the Institute for Coaching & Bewusstsein Dr. Andrea Brenner.

  • Investment in executive training (1-2 participants): €630 net per module

  • 22024 Termine:
    Modul 1 starts in October 2024

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