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I advise people holistically in all areas of life for an authentic life full of joy and success. We clarify concerns in the family, private and professional environment for fulfilled relationships and self-realization. Open yourself to deep release from trauma.

Uncovering unconscious family patterns, emotional blockages and limiting beliefs are important aspects on the way to clarity and vitality.
Family constellation work is a main tool in my coachings. Together we clear out heavy energies. Self-empowerment means the end of victimhood and dependency.


Do you already know what you really want to live? Are you interested in being the greatest version of yourself?  You can choose this.
Do you want to learn more about it?


My business coachings are always about people and their greatest inspiration, the joy of creating and being successful.
I support you in choosing out of infinite possibilities.

Honesty and authenticity in business are important values for my clients.

In the process of finding a vocation, I am an living invitation for each unique client to choose their greatest, highest version of life.

The world is going through a shift in consciousness, a fundamental awakening is happening. My coaching supports you in recognizing this change in consciousness towards a new, awakened society and in giving very practical assistance for everyday life. Claim your freedom and sovereignty and create a new world with others. I offer "walk & talk" in nature for those who are interested in more.


I love the moment of liberation when a healing purification runs through our systems.
Everything falls away and then there is only relief and joy.

That fulfilling joy is the motivation in all my coaching sessions.



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