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A friendship is shared - a discourse between Frauke and Andrea

Frauke Ratzke offers Malspiel and Malort Düsseldorf and I, Andrea Brenner, am offering the constellation work. We've been friends for about 10 years now, we met on a NVC day (Nonviolent Communication). I was a painter in her "Malort" for more than 1 year and Frauke has gained years of experience in constellation work with me and so we accompany each other through our lifes.

We have now opened a discourse, which is about becoming aware of the experiences and insights from our "work", about parallels between "Malspiel" and systemic constellation work and more....
We ask each other in interview style, we let the answer come up naturally and some we would love to share. 
Here you can read excerpts about the constellation work and you can read the whole interviews on our telegram channels.


Andrea Brenner


Andrea Brenner

Coach / constellation facilitator
telegram group

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Frauke Ratzke

Malort Dusseldorf


Question from Frauke: Dear Andrea, what has concretely changed in your life as a result of constellation?
Name the 3 most important changes in your life as a result of constellation.
Answer from Andrea: 

1.) Feelings of guilt are gone

Ever since I was a child, I suffered from extreme feelings of guilt that I couldn't place. When I was 12, I refused to eat and thought, I can't stand these feelings anymore, I got sick, no doctor could find anything.
As an adult, I began constellation work to unmask the many aspects behind guilt. It wasn't just conditioning from the church and the German collective, but also hidden familyient trauma. After a lot of constellations, I finally realized that guilt had completely disappeared from my life -  and has been for years, so wonderful.


2.) I am never a victim

Through the constellation work it has become a deep realization for me that I am never a victim of my circumstances. I choose and can choose again at any time. If I experience a feeling of dependency or powerlessness, then I can find my way back into self-empowerment with the constellation work. If I'm feeling dependent on anything today, I know something about it can't be true and - set it up and find a truer perspective.

3.) Independence / Freedom

Self-empowerment and authenticity were extremely encouraged by the setting up. This brings me a sense of freedom and happiness in my daily life and increased confidence that everything I need is taken care ofuche. The constellations on the topic of Portugal helped me a lot to make courageous decisions and to emigrate with confidence.

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Question from Frauke: How did the constellations help you when you emigrated to Portugal? 

Answer from Andrea:
Dear Frauke, you can certainly still remember some of the Portugal line-ups. The Portugal line-ups were among the most beautiful I've seen. 3 examples:

1) When I lost my practice rooms in Ratingen due to termination by the landlord, I set up this situation. I loved the rooms very much and this love was also shown in the constellation as in a heart connection. I felt the heartbreak. The rooms were threatened by an uncomfortable energy and they called out to me:"Andrea, go to Portugal now!" . I lovingly decoupled and freed myself and did what I could for the rooms. After that I turned to Portugal. The country stood there with open arms and welcomed me. It felt wonderful. I was able to experience that this is now the next step for me, even if I didn't yet know how to do it.

2) On the way to Portugal, I didn't know where to go (east Algarve or west coast) nor how to go about it. There was a lineup for me. In this I stood in Germany and then there was a representative for the fulfilled life in Portugal. As I empathized, I saw that I had to cross a canyon. In the line-up I took a run-up, it needed strength, and then I jumped over the canyon. It felt like a long flight over the canyon and then I landed on the other side and I was greeted with a hug and everything was fine straight away. There was a feeling of oneness and happiness and security. With this installation experience in my luggage, I drove off in my VW bus at some point.

3) When buying land in Portugal, I listed the land I was interested in. It welcomed me and was open to me. It was a wonderful relationship. Being in Portugal was Oneness with my Higher Self (that's what I called it back then), it was vastness, joy and fulfillment and it was an incredibly colorful and happy experience. The relationship with nature, which filled me, became particularly clear. That's how I felt it in the lineup. That was the direction. Even if there were problems in the buying process, I was always convinced that this country was the right one for me. I often set up the country and asked for feedback or approval, for example when I built the road, planted trees or the sewage treatment plant. There was always generosity and tolerance on the part of the country. I am grateful and the country is happy that I am here and we are open to what we can create together. This helps me to make decisions about building projects.



Answer from Andrea:
Dear Frauke, I answer YES to what freedom means to me today, and NO to what it (now) no longer means to me:

Yes: For me, freedom means not having to do anything, nothing at all, and being allowed to do anything (as long as it doesn't really harm anyone or nature).

No: to believe, to live the calling and still hold the belief that you have to do something to experience freedom in finances or time or place.

Yes: For me, freedom means showing myself at every moment (speaking, showing, acting) as I really am, what I really want and in accordance with what is currently occurring to me. Do this without fear of being excluded or judged (or giving meaning to it)

No: to believe that I still have to submit to some conditioning (which doesn't mean that I can't choose it freely).

Yes: For me, freedom means that everything ends and everything begins again. Again and again.

No: believing that I am fixed by my past and traumas...

Yes: For me, freedom means being able to free myself again and again from conclusions, judgments, memories and fears (even if I don't know how to do that). In freedom, I am willing to always be able to take on a new perspective.

No: to believe, to be able to know what freedom is. It has no final definition and changes with me. This means that it is different for everyone in its individual expression.

Yes: Freedom means the end of victimhood and dependencies. I am free to leave everything and I am free to choose anything. Freedom is independence from systems.

No: Thinking I can keep a few dependencies

Yes: Freedom is always available in every moment and only in the moment.
Freedom is a choice, now.

No: freedom is never in the future (if…., then I am free…). Believing this is self-deception.

Yes: freedom brings ease.

No: freedom has no gravity, it does not have to be earned.

Yes: For me, freedom means being able to give and take. Freedom always contributes to the greater good (even if this may not be immediately obvious).

No: to believe that freedom requires something other than my consent to listen to my inner self.

Yes: freedom is love.

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